About Us

A few things about us

Our focus is finding the right mix of insurance, debt reduction and investment options for both individuals and businesses.

The fundamental purpose at Brackenridge is to manage our client’s financial affairs – both the risks & the wealth – in a way that adds value and meets their objectives.

Our business is at “The Hanger” in Catalina Bay, Hobsonville. We have a suite at the business center above “Little Creatures”.

We work with a number of carefully selected suppliers to provide a full range of focused, competitive solutions for our clients. We suggest discussing your plans with your own accountant regarding your tax position and financial structures, these discussions can dovetail with the plans you make with Brackenridge.

We are a member of Financial Advice New Zealand

Financial Advice New Zealand is a professional membership organisation for advisers working across all areas of financial advice, including mortgages, insurance, investment and financial planning. They represent the interests of the public and it’s members, and strive to help New Zealanders, and the country as a whole, be financially better-off.

Brackenridge Financial Solutions is a proud member of the Plus4 Network

The PlusFour philosophy is catching on around the country.

PlusFour are rapidly expanding the delivery of services, as quality partners join the network in key centres throughout New Zealand.

They are companies of highly skilled and experienced individuals who share PlusFour’s core values – delivering clients the best of the best policy options available.

Each business has undergone a rigorous testing process to ensure the services and products delivered to you meet the PlusFour quality standard, every time.