Our Approach

Our Approach

Our main focus is to help you achieve your financial goals. Brackenridge uses a simple methodology that ensures your long-term financial success and takes the worry out of managing your money.

Step 1: Discovery

The most important aspect of the whole process.
This step is where we get to know you. What you do, your family situation, your health, your interests, dreams and aspirations, your concerns, the financial plans you have, your assets, liabilities and income(s). We find out what you spend and what you keep. We establish your feelings and beliefs on money. Our objective is to collect information to make an accurate assessment of your situation. We listen.

Step 2: Analysis

We are now able to thoroughly analyse and evaluate exactly where you’re at.
We measure the data against your dreams, aspirations, goals and concerns. We are able to see if your current approach to insurances, cash management, debts, investments and estate plans will meet your expectations. It’s surprising how often we find considerable shortfalls.

Step 3: Recommendation

We strive to find solutions that will fit you and your unique situation in the short, medium and long-term.
We produce a written document, outlining each of the five steps of financial planning. Brackenridge specialises in providing individual and personalised assistance to determine the most appropriate advice.

Step 4: Implementation

When you’ve read your Report and we agree your best course of action, we help with implementation.
Documentation for financial services can be complicated, time-consuming and ambiguous. We know what information is important and how it is best presented. We manage the whole implementation process on your behalf making it as clear and for you as possible.

Step 5: Review

Our relationship with you has only just started.
People’s lives change, you could get a promotion, buy a new home, receive an inheritance, or re-marry, or your health may change. With a review process in place we keep your plans on track. Each year you receive a written summary of your plans and, based on our service agreement, we can meet once or four times a year, or whenever the need arises to keep pace with changes in your life.